Visiting a working farm can be a wonderful family activity, educational and entertaining for children and adults alike. It ensures to make your trip successful and farm visit can be a wonderful opportunity for you to model the learning process agricultural knowledge with your children. Returning back to home more connected to the world. Take a walking tour of the fruits and vegetable farm. Stroll among coconuts, mangoes and other seasonal. A Konkan farm tour justifies being an extremely educational visit for kids because they can actually witness the flora and fauna. Interactive Farm Tour Activities. These activities form our tour - you must attend the Konkan tour from the start to handover in all the traditional tactics & activities. Konkan is a paradise for nature lovers offering lots of beaches, waterfalls, backwaters, hills, lush green palms, also rich with lots of adventure sports and of course mouth watering Alphonso mangoes.


Fishing is an important industry in Konkan's coast of Maharashtra. Fish are harvested by commercial fishing as well traditional fishing. Fishing season is famously well - known as “Narali Poornima” festival that starts in September and lasts till the end of May. Fish are harvested mainly in areas such as Harnai, Dabhol, Alibaug, Ratnagiri, and Sindhudurga. There were 456 marine fishing villages located in the Maharashtra state. Out of these, 181 fishing villages are situated in the South Konkan region. The Red Soil Holidays provide a friendly community forum related to the sport of fishing & exchange cultural knowledge. However, there are three main ports of fishing here known as, Mirya port in Ratnagiri, Harne port in Dapoli and Nate port in Rajapur Taluka. As expected in the cuisine of a coastal community, seafood features prominently when it comes to Konkan food


For the adventure lovers, a water sport in Konkan welcomes to be the ultimate ways to pump in some enthusiasm and catch the thrill on the splashing water. Everyone can enjoy these water sports on the beaches of Malvan, Devbaug and Tarkarli. Konkan is most famous for its numerous beaches and sparkling waters where one can be an enlightening experience in many water sports. Water sports activities along state's Konkan beaches create a big splash. If you are adventure seeker, looking for a distinct and thrill created experience, then you have searched a right place to visit in Konkan coast with The Red Soil Holidays.


The Red Soil Holidays organizes a learning activity for the tourists who are keen to learn Konkani style cooking with the finger licking Konkani spices & tastes. It can be safely said that this Konkan region gifts us some of the best and tastiest recipes of fish and other seafood. Konkan coastal cuisine is superiorly the food of Konkani. The Konkan coastline has multiple layers to its Konkan culture and lifestyle. The Rain tree’s ongoing food festival showcases Konkani specialties with plentiful sprinkles of coconut & spices. The Konkani Food Festival focuses to bring to the food lovers of Mangalore and nearby places a variety of items prepared by the community. In the coastal Konkan region, rice is the traditional staple food. Wet coconut and coconut milk are used in many local dishes. This is the hugely celebrated festival in Konkan; people here decorate attractive stages and lights during this festival.Though Konkan food are largely extensive with fish, the variety of other sea food cuisines. The people of Konkan region celebrate a host of national as well as local food festivals. The traditional way of Konkani food, cooking is an art which can be availed endlessly through this activity. Cooking activity initiated by The Red Soil Holidays gives a specialized session and classes of local traditional style of cooking for tourist from locals. . As expected in the Konkan cuisine of a coastal community, seafood features prominently when it comes to Konkan food.


If you love road trips, then the Mumbai- Ratnagiri road along the Konkan coast is a great destination. On the way, you see through numerous forts, temples, hill stations, the home-stays and small restaurants serving lip-smacking Konkan seafood. The most famous attraction along the Konkan coast, though, is the flawless beaches. The coastline is dotted with greenery and foliage that makes you feel connected to nature and calms your mind and soul. Along the 500 or so kilometers of the Konkan coast, you can see the sea alongside the road in many places. You can take a nosedive into the water and spend a lazy afternoon feasting on the local seafood.


Best walks, hikes, and treks are in Sindhudurg. We evaluate the best routes and walking and trekking holidays. The trek involves walking along the coasts of Arabian Sea crossing a few villages and the hillocks on the way having an eye catching glimpse of coastal beauty. The charmer of the Konkan coastline is absolutely the highlights of the Konkan trek. Have a Konkan trekking experience like no other trek in Maharashtra with The Red Soil Holidays.


The Red Soil Holidays provides you remarkable tours packages for special Konkan tours. Konkan is blessed with lot of beautiful beaches along the entire Konkan coast and are far better than the so called popular beaches of India. En-route visit Harihareshwar Beach. Hence Harihareshwar is often referred to as Dev-ghar or ``house of God``. Embellishing with flawless clean beaches, Dapoli has forests and temples too. In addition, you can visit ancient and antique temples such as Keshavraj and Vyaghreshwar Temple. There is a temple for the Hindu deity Shiva in the town. This temple is holy place in Konkan, and is also known as Konkan Kashi. Dhutpapeshwar temple, a tiny remote village nestled in the lap of the Konkan ranges, is bestowed with the best of nature. Konkan is highly enlighten with the history & traditional old temples surrounding with astonishing natural beauty which gives a sense of relief to the eyes and the blowing aroma of Konkan soil calms the soul. Visiting Konkan tour is not complete until the blessings of the ancient historical temples.


With beautiful hills, long stretch of white sand beaches and lush greenery, Konkan is the paradise of marvelous beauty of Maharashtra. Explore the best Konkan Beaches and let their natural beauty and charm your photo shoot, over as you enjoy the sun kissed coasts, salty sea sprays and Konkan experience. The Konkan resorts along the coastline between Western Ghats and Arabian Sea are places that promise for the most memorable stay of a lifetime. The Konkan Coast in Maharashtra offers rewarding beautiful beaches, which are among the most virgin in the country.

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