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DEVGAD : Ratnagiri

History: -

It is noted for its harbour, its beach, and a lighthouse built in 1915 at the Devgad fort. Shilahara dynasty Raja Bhoja II constructed Fort Vijaydurg (Gheria), ruled later by Adil Shah and eventually by King Shivaji and lastly Kanhoji Angre is a national monument situated 45 minutes by road from the main city of Devgad. Fort Vijaydurg, named as the "Eastern Gibraltar" because of its virtual impregnability, was impressive as seen by British, Dutch, Portuguese armies and travellers 400 years ago and even today as seen by visitors.

Attraction: -

The region observes numerous migratory birds and thus the countryside location is a perfect spot to perform this beautiful activity of birdwatching here. one of the villages of korle in devgad also sees many visitors worship at the popular temple of brahmadeo. the temple does not have a specific idol of a deity, but an installed rock.


Description: -

The taluka, governed by series of kingdoms from 12th-century ad, the devagad fort was constructed in 1705 by kanhoji angre. the region is home to many serene as well as happening beaches, vast and extensive mango farmlands and historical architectural places. the taluka of devgad administrates more than 75 rural villages.


Best Time to visit:-

Devgad Weather in May-June: An excellent season to visit Devgad, the average temperature falls around 83℉. The weather is great for outdoors, the air being moderately humid. This is most likely one of the best times to visit Devgad and also a tourist high season.

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