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History: -

This village was governed by the Sheelahar Dynasty from 800 A.D to 1265 A.D. Evidences showing more than five hundred year old settlements are found in this region. Since thousand years this village was attacked by the Arabs, the Portuguese and the Mughals. Because of these attacks the whole village was destroyed 3 to 4 times


Attraction: -

The Diveagar Beach nestled on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra is a paradise waiting to be explored. With beautiful white sand, shiny blue water, towering coconut palms, and numerous betel nut trees, the Diveagar beach is an enchanting place located in the Raigad district in the state of Maharashtra.


Description: -

Diveagar beach is amongst the pristine destinations of the country which is situated on the Konkan coast. The beach has Suru trees all along its perimeter which amplifies the beauty. The region has a very nominal population along with diverse flora and fauna which helps retain its magnificence


Best Time to visit:-

Monsoon is the best season to visit this city as the temperature remains in between 25°C-35°C. The season experiences pleasant drizzling during this season. The best time to visit Diveagar in monsoon is from July- September. Diveagar remains hot and humid in summer season as this place is near the sea.




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