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History: -

Redi was built by the Marathas in the sixteenth century and, in 1746, was captured by the Portuguese. The previous citadel-holders, the Sawant clan of Maharashtra, attempted to recapture Redi by poisoning the Portuguese garrison's fish supply, but the attack was unsuccessful.


Attraction: -

Redi is a destination for those travellers who love exploring the untold and untouched trails. It is also a stoppage for those who are looking forward to making their weekends peaceful and relaxing. It is one place where you can enjoy the unpolluted beauty of beaches and savour the grandeur of temples. Apart from Ganapati Temple and beaches, the major spots to explore while in Redi include Redi Fort, also known as Yashwantgad Fort, Redi Lake, wayambhu Shiva Temple and Terekhol Fort.


Description: -

Redi is a village in the district of Sindhudurg in Maharashtra. Originally known as Rewati, Redi is located close to the shores of the Arabian Sea. Cashew and coconut trees grow in the region. 


Best Time to visit:-

Between November and March is the best time to visit Alibaug. The sun's not too harsh and you'll be able to enjoy the beaches. However, the pleasant weather also means crowds of visitors everywhere and more expensive accommodation. Summers in Alibaug, from March until July, are hot and humid. With a tropical monsoon climate, the region in and around Redi experiences a hot and humid weather most of the time in a year. Hence, it is advisable to avoid visiting it during the summer season when the atmosphere is extremely humid and hot. The appropriate time when the beauty of Redi is at its summit and when it maintains a cool and pleasant environment is from November until the end of February.




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