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History: -

Sawantwadi was the former capital of the Kingdom of Sawantwadi during the pre-independence era. In 1947, it merged into the Dominion of India. Border issues at that time with nearby areas of Belgaum and Karwar were prevalent. There were initial plans of making it a union territory as it was a Konkani speaking area, However it was merged with the old Ratnagiri district. (The district was later divided into two districts called Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg). Until the 18th century, the Kingdom of Sawantwadi included a major portion of today's North Goa district (Pedne, Bicholim, and Sattari), as well as modern Kudal and Vengurla from today's Sindhudurg district. Pedne, Bicholim, Sattari were later taken over by the Portuguese as a part of their New Conquest (between 1765 and 1788) and merged with their Old Conquest to form Goa


Attraction: -

Moti Talao is a majestic lake right in front of the palace which was constructed in 1874. It is a pride of the village. Tourists can take a round of the lake in peddle boats or sit around it and gaze at the beautiful view. There is a lot of art in Sawantwadi. One can find local artifacts made by the people here in the form of Ganjifa Art, Lace work, wooden crafts. Another famous attraction here is the popular Konkani Cuisine - you can buy freshly made Kokum Juice, spice mixes and dried fish. This old market of Sawantwadi has been transformed into a modern local market where you can find the best of Konkani culture from handicrafts to clothes and food.


Description: -

Sawantwadi (मराठी: सावंतवाडी) is a taluka (a unit of administration) in the Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The taluka

headquarters is Sawantwadi which has a municipal council, which is a local civic body. Sawantwadi was formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Sawantwadi, ruled by the Sawant Bhonsle royal clan of the Marathas.

Until 1850, Sawantwadi was known as Sundurwadi. The name Sawantwadi came into usage because of the surname of the state's ruling family of Khem- Sawants. The palace was earlier located on Narendra hill. Khemsawant III




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